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"The BEST kind of review is from a true listener and fan of
music....THANKS to everyone who took the time to listen to my
music and decided it was good enough to comment! Peace."
D Williams

You have a new follower and have added you to my group of
outstanding guitarist/musicians on Fando as well as the sub
group on talent that should be followed!! WOWzzza
GUItARGaZm City!!!

I'm BLOWN away!!! You must be jammin' with big names with
THAT much talent!!!! WOW!!!

My blood was racin' the entire time! Simply Awesome,
Dennis. Great accompaniment by the drummer too!

This really exceed my highest expectations!! I thought it
would be good but had no idea it would be great!! Thank you
Dennis for sharing your multifaceted talents. :):)

What an awesome journey you just took me on.
Loved every minute of this piece.

Wow, You rock Man. I had this playing very loud where I
work and my 3 workers had to come and watch. Keep up the
good work.
From way up in snowy and cold Fort Mcmurray


Fantastic - I had to listen to it 5 times in a row :)


Spectacular music, Dennis. You have a gift, man.

Amazing !!!!

Absolutely Beautiful Music Dennis! Congratulations on a
truly "Epic" Album!! ♪♫♪♫♪

I was over in FB, and was hearing this awesome guitarist. I
couldn't figure out where the hell it was coming from. Then I
realized your playlist was coming through. Wow love this
tune too. Grabbed it..Your an awesome player

Mr. Williams... This remains and probably will remain...the
best thing I've heard all year... :)

Sick to the 10th power. :)

Love the video and damn

I am in guitar heaven today with you tunage

simply amazing !!!!!!!!!!

Very cool song..Big skills my friend.

Man you were one of my first inspirations to do this stuff we

Outstanding music, extremely enjoyable what a talent you
have as a composer.

Wow what a amazing song! awesome instruments! like it!! the
album deserves the name epic haha :)

Mission, Not Impossible!!! Anymore! My Fave,, is,, Where
Eagles and Angels Fly!! Love the vid to Mission(:* You and
Lou,, Rock!!!

G.W. Hill (Music Critic) Rating 5 / 5 Stars!!!

Dennis Williams plays guitar, but that’s not all he does.  He
handles most of the instrumentation here and wrote all of the
music.  The thing is, he is an amazing guitarist and this set of
instrumentals showcases a lot of musical styles that all
demonstrate his skill while still entertaining.  This is One of the
best all instrumental sets to come around the bend in a while.

“Where Eagles and Angels Fly” is a stand out. It opens with a
mellow and slow moving acoustic guitar (still quite intricate)
with  electric guitar solos melodically over the top.  That
section holds the track for about a minute.  Then it fires out into
some of the most straight-ahead rock to this point.  The cut
feels almost metallic at times, but the guitar soloing calls to
mind 1970s rock.  When it drops to another acoustic driven (but
higher energy) section, that 1970 reference (and particularly
something like The Allman Brothers) is even more relevant.  
This is one of the most diverse cuts and also one of the most
accessible here.  It works out to something more like
mainstream progressive rock as it keeps evolving.  Then it
shifts back to the acoustic based section later.

The disk has many feels including a  Santana kind of vibe to it,
mixed with something more like Al Di Meola in terms of the
guitar soloing.  There are multiple layers of guitars soloing on
this, some electric and some acoustic.  It really makes for a
great mix of sounds!

This set is recommended for any fans of instrumental music.  It’
s especially of interest to those who enjoy awesome guitar
playing.  This guy is great and he’s produced a special release
here, it will likely have the listener reaching for the “repeat”

Artist: Dennis Williams
Title: Epic
Review by G. W. Hill
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)
Now playing "Where Eagles and Angels Fly"