DENNIS WILLIAMS is a Guitarist and Composer from Toronto Ontario, Canada.
While his primary instrument is the Guitar he also performs Bass and Keyboards
while  Producing and Engineering all his Cd's!

His latest release "The Acoustic Guitar" is a compilation of all his best Acoustic
inspried tracks...drawing from a vast cross section of influences and players, this
disk delivers one of the most enjoyable listening experiences you'll have all year.
The new track recorded for the disk "The Senorita, Tequila and the Lime" is pure
genius! This is a disk you'll play again and again!

His 2015 release "PERSONIFICATION" was met with rave reviews from fans!

From the moment "Personification" was released in Sept of 2015 it started
garnering accolades from fans around the world!
Fans everywhere shared and watched the videos, accumulating close to
25000 views in the first 6 weeks!

"Possibly the BEST guitar album you'll hear this year! "...A tour de force of
flash and feel that ranges from blistering rock to jaw dropping blues and
simple heart felt acoustic numbers..."Music is the Personification of Emotion,
Listen to how I Feel"
"CD Baby Review"

Personification is nothing short of a masterpiece! What every guitarist strives
for, to connect with the listener on a purely emotional level where the music
takes on more than just notes, it comes alive! This is one of the most
complete and joyful listening experiences Ive had in a long time in the genera
of Instrumental Rock guitar. This disk has it all...incredible guitar playing that
spans every genera and regardless of the style of song ( Rock, blues,
acoustic, dark and moody, joyful and explosive ) it always comes from the
heart and you can feel every note!
If Music is the Personification of Emotion then this disk is that in its most
pure sense!
If you're looking for a disk that doesn't disappoint and is worth every penny,
look no is a disk that guitarist strive to write their whole life!
"Rock Reviews"

" Got the album yesterday and it kicks some serious ass, all killer, no filler.
Love the heavy stuff, but the more mellow tunes were just brilliant.
As good as anything I've got by Vai or Satriani!"
Andrew Cole , United Kingdom

Praise for Ascension:

“Instrumental Guitarist Dennis Williams returns with his third full length
masterpiece! 'Ascension' is pure guitar heaven! The playing is stellar and the song
writing is outstanding! Everything you love about the guitar can be found on this
disk. From the Satriani inspired grooves to the Al Di Meola inspired speed picking
acoustic, the classical finger style playing to the Gary Moore-ish gut wrenching
Blues, Williams has written a once in a lifetime disk that blows the listener away
track after track! The title track "Ascension" is worth the price of the disk alone, I
defy any listener to hear this jaw dropping song and not be instantly hooked! If
you're looking for real musicianship, great song writing and absolutely fantastic
guitar playing, look no further! Ascension is for you!!! And as if having a guitarist
like Williams playing on the disk wasn't enough, add to it New York's most
incredible drummer, Lou Caldarola! Its like having Neil Peart or Mike Portnoy join
the band! Mixing these two incredible talents is like mixing the components of
TNT and lighting a fuse! This will blow your mind! This is the disk that dares the
world not to take notice of one of rock guitars Best kept secrets, Dennis Williams
has arrived!”

Lou Caldarola's Drumming is Spectacular and Marie-Anne Fischer's addtion to the
title track is perection! Fans of guitar / rock and great compositions will be blown
away at the disk Williams has just produced!

More to come!

Inspired by the likes of Joe Satriani, George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Steve
Stevens, Al Di Meola, Andy Timmons, John Petrucci and Carlos Santana.... His
style ranges from straight ahead rock, surfer rock, Metal to Progressive Rock,
Flamenco, Classical and Blues. Combining the wide range of influence and styles
that Williams comes from is often times met with varied degree's of success,
Williams pulls it off effortlessly, creating his own unique sound and style.

While many would argue the finer points on guitar greatness, is it speed, technique,
flash or feel that makes a great guitarist? Williams answer is simple " Eddie Van
Halen said it best...If it sounds good, it is good." End of discussion. Williams uses
this approach in his writing, his feeling is, writing something that sounds good is
more important than how fast you play or how many techniques you can jam into a
song. With this in mind his compositions are tight, well written, expertly performed
and convey a true emotional connection to the music. Not only is his stuff
impressive to play, it sounds good. And for a guy who's modest about his ability,
his flash is as impressive as his feel.

Music critics and fans both agree, Williams is a fantastic guitarist and composer,
one of Canada's best kept secrets!

"... if you enjoy the music created by guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie
Moore, Joe Satriani or you can really appreciate some amazing guitar
pyrotechniques then this is a disc I think you’ll really get into. Whether you’re
looking for searing guitar solos, or some crunchy-double kick-drum moments you’
ll find that and a whole lot more to satisfy your cravings from GTRMAN.  
here for full review

"Talent. This is what separates the great from the mediocre. If you can do
something better than the others, then you have a good chance of being
remembered. Rock guitarists should know this better than anyone. To separate
yourself from the pack, you need to have your own style as well as being able to
play many different types of music. This is one of the biggest things that gives
guitarist Dennis Williams an edge over many of his contemporaries"  
click here for
the full review

"...One guitarist that is helping to shine the spotlight back on the instrumental
guitar genre is Toronto based picker Dennis Williams, and his latest album 'Musica
Dementia' is a tour de force of hard-rockin’, fret shredding tracks that are sure to
provide ample ear candy for any fan of rock guitar."
Click here for full review

Williams' first full length release under his name was released in November of
2011....MUSICA DEMENTIA is an incredible collection of guitar driven songs.
From rock to classical /  symphonic to simple acoustic, this disk has something for

"...His cover of METALLICA's  "Nothing Else Matters" pays homage to this songs
spectacular composition. Instead of embellishing the song with layers of guitar
work, Williams performs the track to near original perfection.

BACH's' "Air on a G Stirng" is a fantastic version of this masterpiece...a great
example of Williams' diversity and love for the guitar.

The hard rockin "Fight The Good Fight" is without a doubt a highlight! This track
Rocks!!! Lots of guitar pyrotechnics and flash! FTGF is an adrenaline rush!

"Across The Badlands" is a HIT! This track has everything. and may go down as
one of Williams' coolest rock compositions. It also marks the first time Williams
called in help from a fellow musician, drummer extrodinair LOU CALDAROLA
from New York. Caldarola's playing is absolutely fantastic! He brings a fresh /
powerful feel to the track! Williams and Calarola make one hell
of a team...we can only hope to hear more from this duo!

Hall of the Viking Kings and Misunderstood are acoustic tracks that you'll play
again and again. Spectacular song writing and performance!

MUSICA DEMENTIA is a must have! ..."
Bill Coshworth  Radio Personality

Dennis', 2012 release EPIC was met with two thumbs up by fans and critics!
His cover of Mission Impossible opens the disk and sets the tone with flashy guitar
and high speed ripping! Once again Dennis collaborated with Lou Caldarola on
drums and the two do not disappoint!!!

The tracks range from hard rockin pieces like Mission Impossible to the remake of
his old fav Airstrike to classical and Spanish speed picking on acoustic guitar.
Once again he shows his diverse taste in music and ability to make his guitar talk
in any language!

One reviewer had this to say

"Dennis Williams plays guitar, but that’s not all he does.  He handles
most of the instrumentation here and wrote all of the music.  The thing
is, he is an amazing guitarist and this set of instrumentals showcases a
lot of musical styles that all demonstrate his skill while still
entertaining.  This is One of the best all instrumental sets to come
around the bend in a while...

This set is recommended for any fans of instrumental music.  It’s
especially of interest to those who enjoy awesome guitar playing.  This
guy is great and he’s produced a special release here, it will likely have
the listener reaching for the “repeat” button. "

Reviewed by GW Hill 5 / 5 Stars!!!

With his Youtube page reaching close to 3 Million  plays the future is looking
bright for guitarist and composer Dennis Williams.