From the moment "Personification" was released in Sept of 2015 it started
garnering accolades from fans around the world!
Fans everywhere shared and watched the videos, accumulating close to
15,000 views in the first 6 weeks!

"Possibly the BEST guitar album you'll hear this year! "...A tour de force of
flash and feel that ranges from blistering rock to jaw dropping blues and
simple heart felt acoustic numbers..."Music is the Personification of Emotion,
Listen to how I Feel"
"CD Baby Review"

Personification is nothing short of a masterpiece! What every guitarist strives
for, to connect with the listener on a purely emotional level where the music
takes on more than just notes, it comes alive! This is one of the most
complete and joyful listening experiences Ive had in a long time in the genera
of Instrumental Rock guitar. This disk has it all...incredible guitar playing that
spans every genera and regardless of the style of song ( Rock, blues,
acoustic, dark and moody, joyful and explosive ) it always comes from the
heart and you can feel every note!
If Music is the Personification of Emotion then this disk is that in its most
pure sense!
If you're looking for a disk that doesn't disappoint and is worth every penny,
look no is a disk that guitarist strive to write their whole life!
"Rock Reviews"

Praise from around the world:

Got the album yesterday and it kicks some serious ass, all killer, no filler.
Love the heavy stuff, but the more mellow tunes were just brilliant.
As good as anything I've got by Vai or Satriani!"
Andrew Cole , United Kingdom

"Just watch and listen. Hold your hands on top of your head so your brain
doesn't explode. Dennis is an amazing guitarist and Lou, Lou freaking kills
this song! Be amazed..."
Brad Alexander, Anchorage Alaska

"Lou's always been awesome. His sticks travel faster than light! This is the
first time I've heard Dennis. He is incredible!!!! They're amazing together!!!!"
Valerie Goetze McHugh

"WOWZZZAAAA Off the charts Smokin hot...Major kickaxe tunage and big
time kudos for Lou on drums! WOW!!"
"HOLY HANNA...fukin off charts smokin hot!!!!! Damn get the man a bucket
of water to put the fire out on his fingers!!! OUTSTANDING DRUMAGE BY
Venus Panthar, Toronto Canada

Personification" is a great CD...It is seriously awesome and in my opinion,
your best ever.
While the music is amazing to listen to and you have a wide range of music
on one CD, I have to say that your videos are mesmerising. The mixing is of
the highest caliber and watching the multiple instruments combined to
create the track is just incredible. Transfixing. Seriously excellent work!"
David Lighterness, UK

"As a music producer myself, I could really connect with you and could see
how much passion you had. Amazing quality, amazing"
Nathan Sheeran,

"Dennis, as always your albums hit a home run.  Fantastic track and look
forward to digesting the entire Album when I pick it up.  Over the few years
I've followed you, your skill and passion for the craft of music only grows.  
Bravo and Cheers!"
John Hughs,

"Amazing emotional music!"
Omar Thamer, Bagdad -Iraq

"Dennis..this..sir..was just absolutely beautifully composed and executed. If
I may ask..what key is this written in sir? Again..major KUDOS on a job
WELL DONE sir!!!"
John Ramsey

"Awesome simply Awesome ! Please let me know when the cd is available
I'll buy one"
Jamie Wood,

"Definitely a lot of epic , inspired playing here. Really liked the overall
structure and changes too...Very Well done!"
Tim Filler, Canada

"My goodness, there's so much mind blowing talent out there. It's really
humbling. Great work, man!"
Mark Sultan,

"WOW!!!!!...just about sums it up! An ultra cool piece of axe work by Dennis
and superb drum work by Lou!"
James Leo Milton,

"THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why so many exclamation
Because it's THAT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Laurie Esposito

"Fantastic as usual!"
Barzan Ali Aziz, UAE

"VERY nice! Reminds me of some early Al Di Meola"
Charlie Yontz

"Love your playin, the drummers insane. but the video work is top shelf"
Kevin Hough , Saint Louis

"Impressive and very powerful!!! Well done!"
Howard Hendrickson, Seattle

THANK YOU to everyone who listened, shared and bought the new CD!!!!
You're the reason I write my music!!!!
Dennis WIlliams