Now playing "And Then It Was Love"

Released in the summer of 2017 and immediately garnered accolades
from fans around the world. From Facebook, Fandalism and Youtube the
reaction has been the same - "This disk goes on my WOW list!!!"

Quotes and Reactions from Listeners and Fans:

"Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! This is one of the best albums Ive got!"


"I could listen to this ALL DAY! ... Ive heard alot of shredders and players
but very few can play like you and also have great emotion and
feel...this is amazing stuff! Keep Rockin'

"The 'Senorita' is going down as one of my all time favorite songs ever!
This is just unreal!!"

"As usual Dennis you never fail to impress...I have all your stuff and this
new disk is a standout!"

"...'And Then It Was Love' is pure genius...this is guitar perfection! Love
this song! One of your best!!!"

"Dennis Williams, YOU are a MASTER of the guitars!!!" OUT

"Thank you to all the listeners who took the time to hear my music and send me
their comments, thats what its all about for me, writing music from the heart and
having it touch so many people!!! ... More to come!"
Dennis Williams