“Instrumental Guitarist Dennis Williams returns with his
third full length masterpiece! 'Ascension' is pure guitar
heaven! The playing is stellar and the song writing is
outstanding! Everything you love about the guitar can be
found on this disk. From the Satriani inspired grooves to
the Al Di Meola inspired speed picking acoustic, the
classical finger style playing to the Gary Moore-ish gut
wrenching Blues, Williams has written a once in a lifetime
disk that blows the listener away track after track! The title
track "Ascension" is worth the price of the disk alone, I defy
any listener to hear this jaw dropping song and not be
instantly hooked! If you're looking for real musicianship,
great song writing and absolutely fantastic guitar playing,
look no further! Ascension is for you!!! And as if having a
guitarist like Williams playing on the disk wasn't enough,
add to it New York's most incredible drummer, Lou
Caldarola! Its like having Neil Peart or Mike Portnoy join
the band! Mixing these two incredible talents is like mixing
the components of TNT and lighting a fuse! This will blow
your mind! This is the disk that dares the world not to take
notice of one of rock guitars Best kept secrets, Dennis
Williams has arrived!”

Japan 2013

"The Best kind of review is one that comes from a
fan, someone who loves music and has a true
appreciation for the art of song writing and playing...
Thank you for the kind words!"
Dennis Williams